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Your account comes with 100 posting credits and 50 sitewide link credits per month.

Each post can have up to 3 links, which will give you up to 300 permanent backlinks per month.

The 50 sitewide links go on sites that average 300 indexed pages each, which will give you 15,000 backlinks.



Second Month Bonus

IMPORTANT: Unannounced Bonus: 20% EXTRA LINKS after your trial month.
In 30 days from your signup, you will receive 20% bonus credits on article and sitewide links to thank you for your loyalty.


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Add Posts To Queue

You can add up to 100 articles, posts, or other content to the queue per month. These posts will be drip fed into the network and you will be able to get reports on the first posts within the next 24-48 hours.

Posting Report

The specific post reports for the current month, including your posts still in the queue, and the URLs of the ones already posted plus their date and time of posting, can be found here.

Archived Reports

If you need to find the location of earlier posts from previous months, you can find them here.


You have 50 sitewide links available to you as long as you are a member of FreeTGen.

Add Links

You can add links to the system here. Please use the exact HTML code; the length of the link is limited to 144 characters including the anchor text.

Edit/Delete Links

You can edit or delete links here.

Network Status

We are growing our network constantly; you can check the current status of teh network here.


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